Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak


A modern icon, beloved by rappers everywhere

Words - Taj Hayer 

Photography - Nicholas Andrews

Shot on location at Watchfinder, Royal Exchange London

Got any Drake, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Travis Scott et all on your Spotify playlist? If you have, you many have noticed that one watch brand is constantly mentioned as the Holy Grail of luxury watches, a modern icon in the watch world and one that is deserved of your attention. 

When the Royal Oak first unveiled by Audemars Pigeut in 1972, luxury timepieces were traditionally small and made of gold. The launch of the new watch broke these rules, honed from steel and ushering a powerful new look that has become its trademark. 


Designed by legendary Mr. Gerald Genta (the man also credited with designing the iconic Patek Philippe Nautilus, the initial model drew inspiration from deep-sea diving helmets to credit a watch that would be a game changer. Unlike many other luxury watch brands, the Royal Oak is really the only watch that comes to mind for Audemars Pigeut and the reinvention of the watch has become a huge benefit for the brand. Versions now available come encrusted with diamonds and with perpetual calendars. 

In our opinion it is the more classic designs that are the most rakish and that will hold the most value. Ultra thin and ultra smooth, the highly desirable Royal Oak will make a worthy addition to any discerning watch collection. 


From £89,950 and available from Audemars Pigeut at Watchfinder.