Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine


Photography - Anthony Pomes

Words - Taj Hayer 


Citrus fruits, and in particular orange has long been a key ingredient for zesty summer fragrances. Atelier Cologne’s orange sanguine range of scents and products takes things a step further by using blood oranges, for a more fresh scent than ever before. 


The elegant scent seductively utilises freshly cut blood oranges to evoke a sense of high summer, soft sea breeds and sunshine in a bottle. It is the perfect scent for summer in the French Riviera or on the Amalfi Coast with the geranium from China and Australian sandalwood adding to the sensory experience. 


As well as cologne that ranges from a 10ml diffuser to a large 200ml bottle, the product selection also includes soap, hand cream, body lotion and shower gel. 

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