A.N.Other Fragrances


A new concept in fragrance is seeking to change the way that we buy luxury scents.


A.N.Other has created a unique collection, developed by incredible perfumers that were allowed to follow their hearts and work with an unlimited budget. The concept is a game changer for the industry. Investment has gone into the ingredients that go into the bottle, as opposed to names, moods, labels and inflated price tags. The less is more approach has the capability of changing the way we buy fragrances.


It is highly refreshing to see sleek and simple packaging and no celebrity endorsement, and the funds have gone into producing superb scents as opposed to slick marketing. The ingredients are the finest eco-sustainable in the industry, ethically sourced and raw materials. Even the name itself “A.N.Other” denotes an unknown entity, unimportant and capable of changing at any given moment.


Currently the superb offering consists of the exotic Oriental, classic light and dark Floral, gin-cocktail inspired Fresh and the classy deep and smoky Woody, which are also available in convenient and chic travel sizes.


The debut collection from A.N.Other is a real industry game-changer. Devoid of any gimmicks or topless model ads, the scents are as good as they look, showing that there is real proof in the theory of investing in all of the right places.

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