Alfie Douglas


Superb leather specialists, Alfie Douglas has a minimalist approach to design, production and function - all of which is evident from their latest line of bags.

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Each of the bags is designed and handcrafted in England, and the label places great emphasis on maximum functionality with a minimal impact on the environment. The bags are all created from premium materials - leathers that are sourced from the best tanneries in the world, premium grade and vegetable tanned. Lighter colours are achieved with some mineral tanning processes. In every case, the leathers are chosen by the family run Alfie Douglas for their unique characteristics. 

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The bags are designed to last a lifetime, and the deceptively simple model are not overcomplicated by fancy catches, pockets or unnecessary hardware. Where used, the brand employ solid aluminium rivets that are highly reliable, whilst straps are made from quality bridle leather, secured by solid metal rivets that are hand cut and sewn taking at least an hour of skilled craftsmanship. 


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