Acqua di Parma Colonia Vaniglia

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Acqua di Palma continue to impress with a new scent created exclusively for Harrods. Colonia Vaniglia, an eau de cologne concentrée is inspired by the scents of Madagascar - the home of white, sandy beaches, waters of the Indian Ocean and majestic rainforests. Also known as the “Spice Island” it is also where the finest variety of vanilla is grown.

NEW Acqua di Parma Colonia Vaniglia & pack - mood EXCLUSIVE TO HARRODS.jpg

The new scent combines the characteristic citrus notes of Acqua di Parma Colonia with Madagascan vanilla. The precious vanilla flowers captured for this fragrance only last for about one day and pollination is carried out by hand with incredibly delicate skill. No fewer than 600 pollinated flowers are needed to obtain one kilo of vanilla pods.

With opening notes of bergamot, mandarin and neroli, followed by the intense, sunny citruses at the Italian heart of Colonia, the new scent is a hot, light, floral and delicate, with persistent notes of musk and warm accents of cedarwood. The exclusive to Harrods offering features the Harrods ‘H’ is elegantly screen printed in gold inside the box, and again in black on the stopper of the iconic Art Deco bottle in tobacco tones. The label is in bronze, as is the satin material lining the box on which the bottle lies, each stylish visual detail calling to mind the world of Colonia in a discreet and elegant form.

From £178 for 100ml and available exclusively at Harrods.