Acqua di Parma Barbiere collection

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Acqua di Parma has developed new formulas designed to cater for every stage of the shaving routine: shaving, after shave, beard care and facial treatment. The products are easy to use and functional and a sensory pleasure, with light & fresh tones of Cologne. 

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The shave oil is dual use, for shaving and pre-shaving and is a refined combination of kind to the skin oils with a rich, light consistency, formulated with a blend of pomegranate oil, lemon oil & basil. It softens the shortest and toughest of hair and is excellent for pre-shave, for which you should use the soft shaving cream. The cream helps to prevent irritation and reddening caused by the razor passing over the skin. The shaving gel also boasts a quick lather for a speedy and impeccable shave. 

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After care is provided via the refreshing after shave emulsion, and there is even a beard wash and serum, specifically formulated for beard care. The clay face mask is the perfect finish to the skin care routine and is specifically created for male skin. 

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